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Husband, father, educator and a career active Army officer with over 27 years of service. Professional focus is military and national security, however, I am not a spokesman for the Department of Defense or the Army. All posts reflect my own personal thoughts and opinions or those of my guests. I look forward to any comments. Thanks!

Winter at West Point

I just wanted to share the stark yet mesmerizing winter beauty of West Point. Although it has been many years for me, my oldest son is now living the experience. While this scene will soon be replaced with hints of … Continue reading

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Refresh and Restart

Happy New Year! How time flies when one is busy with life. I returned from Afghanistan just over a year ago and I have not been keeping up. So, I have tried to refresh my site with a new, cleaner … Continue reading

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Home Again

I apologize for not posting for some time now. I can’t honestly say I’ve been too busy – just spending time do other things since I returned home in mid October 2010. Things at ISAF HQ were spinning fast up … Continue reading

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Afghan Elections – 18 September 2010

Today Afghanistan held Parliamentary elections. Despite widespread insurgent threats to shut down the process, over 5,000 polling stations were open and Afghans exercised their right to vote. Violence occurred in a few different locations but had little significant impact on … Continue reading

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Old-fashioned American Burgers at Camp Eggers

Every Sunday afternoon a special event occurs at Camp Eggers, home base of the NATO Training Mission Afghanistan (NTM-A). Soldiers from the Kabul area descend on the camp to partake in a lunch that features homemade, real USDA ground beef, … Continue reading

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Kabul Stampede

COMISAF provides a good analogy for the mission in Afghanistan. I know my Dad will appreciate this. . . Frederick Remington’s seminal painting, “Stampede” is symbolic of the challenges we face in Kabul. I use this painting to describe what … Continue reading

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A Hero Retires

Friday, 23 July 2010 marked the retirement of General Stanley McChrystal. I have no doubt that he will be fondly remembered as an American hero who stepped up to make things happen when his country called. General McChrystal is an … Continue reading

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Fête Nationale

This morning we had a brief ceremony to recognize and celebrate “Fête Nationale” or French National Day. It is the official national day of France. While it is also known as Bastille Day (anniversary of storming the Bastille in 1789), … Continue reading

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COMISAF Letter to the Troops

Today ISAF held a dignified Assumption of Command Ceremony to formally recognize General David H. Petraeus as the new commander. Most interesting was the opening with prayers from a Muslim cleric who sang and then from a pastor who delivered … Continue reading

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Returning to a Different ISAF

Much has changed since I left the ISAF HQ for a conference in the Netherlands and some Rest and Recuperation or R&R leave (as the Army calls it) in early June. I returned to Kabul, Afghanistan from leave today and … Continue reading

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