Fall is in the Air – Short Stories Anyone?

It has been a long time since I posted something so I need to get back in the game. . . .

It’s a beautiful fall morning here in the tidewater.  I was up early to take Stephen to cross-country running practice at the Yorktown Battlefield Visitor’s Center and discovered a wonderful web site devoted to short stories.  How, might one ask, did I learn about a good website while driving to practice?

Well . . .  for the last several Saturday mornings, when driving Stephen to practice, we have listened to a radio program on our local NPR station, 89.5 WHRO, called “Selected Shorts.”  It’s a wonderful hour that offers some interesting short stories being read by sometimes famous personalities.  The week before last we heard Leonard Nimoy reading Steven Millhauser’s “In the Reign of Harad IV” – a story about a court miniaturist who longs to create smaller and smaller worlds and we also heard an interesting Jules Verne story of supernatural occurrences called, Frritt-Flacc .”  This morning we heard a short story about the Minoan eruption of Thera that occurred around 1600 BC.  At the end of the program they mentioned a 2013 short story writing competition being sponsored by “selectedshorts.org.”  So for all those frustrated writers, here is your chance to do something about it.  Enjoy!



PS – One more interesting note about short stories.  When I was in high school I was introduced to one of the masters of the short story.  I don’t remember how or why I was going through old boxes we had in storage but I found a treasure trove of old magazines like Reader’s Digest my parents had been saving.  While I considered much to be trash, I was most fascinated by the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines that were chocked full of Hitchcock short stories.  I think I read all the AH stories I could find.  I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery, unusual plots, and strange but compellingly believable stories based on unexpected situations and bizarre events that characterized Hitchcock’s world.  If you’re an AH fan you may be interested in the new movie, “Hitchcock” to be released in November 2013.






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