Thanksgiving 2012

The day started early when we rousted out the boys to participate in the local neighborhood 5K Turkey Trot.  It was a sunny yet brisk fall morning as the temperature was in the low 40’s at check-in.  The run turned out to be a fun event with Robby and Stephen placing in their respective age groups and William finishing well up toward the front of the pack.  Although it was supposed to be a family fun run it is hard for the boys not to compete. 

The three runners!

 We had a great Thanksgiving this year although it was spent at home with only immediate family.  Frankly it was nice to be at home and to take some time out from our busy schedules at work and school, at piano and scouts, and from our daily busy lives to enjoy time with all the boys.  Laura fixed a marvelous turkey dinner with her grandmother’s potato stuffing and all the trimmings.  Best of all, however, were the pies – pecan, apple, and pumpkin with too much vanilla ice cream and whipped topping!


The Hume Clan at Thanksgiving.

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