Congratulations Brigadier General Funkhouser!

On the first day of February 2013, I had the good fortune to attend the promotion ceremony of my close friend and former college roommate – Brigadier General Tony Funkhouser.  Tony and I spent several years together in Company G-2 when we were cadets at West Point.  For most of the semesters our sophomore through senior years, we roomed together and found we were compatible roommates.  Although we graduated in 1985, it often seems like it was yesterday.  My oldest Robby is now a sophomore (yerling) at West Point and it brings back mostly good memories to hear him talk about life in the barracks – the Saturday Morning Inspections (SAMI), the mess hall food, the crowded mailroom, weekend trips, and the late nights studying or finding ways to blow-off stem when we were overwhelmed!  Looking back at my own experience, it’s exciting to see Robby forging friendships at West Point that I know will last a lifetime.

Tony was the first Engineer officer in our class to make general officer.  It is a testament to his leadership ability, personal sacrifice, and especially his potential to continue to serve the Army and the Engineer Corps.  I am very proud to know such a fine friend, soldier and leader.  Our Army has chosen wisely in his case and we all expect big things from Tony in the future.  A number of other classmates were able to join Tony for the ceremony that was held at the US Army Corps of Engineer Headquarters in Washington, DC.  Tony is now the commander of the Corps’ Northwestern Division .

USMA Class of 1985 graduates and G-2 classmates - Paul Howell, Tony Funkhouser, Bob Hume, and Sam Evans.

USMA Class of 1985 G-2 classmates – Paul Howell, Tony Funkhouser, Bob Hume, and Sam Evans.

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