“Field Notes” represents an effort to document some selected thoughts concerning my work, my family, and the varied facets of my life.  I am using this as a simple means of sharing my story and a way to keep family and friends informed. I hope to make this weblog as interesting and informative as possible so please forgive me if I mix light commentary on Scouting or piano recitals with more serious thoughts on the military and national security.

Although somewhat outdated given the proliferation and use of PDA’s, the title “Field Notes” refers to the way I continue to keep my own notes – by writing in a small notebook I carry.  Be it important work related information, a diagram of the spring garden, or a to-do list for an upcoming meeting, it is how I track and organize my thoughts.  It is also a means of maintaining a sense of familiar routine, no matter the circumstances or environment.  Therefore, in an effort to leverage that concept and perhaps force myself to take better notes and then reflect on them more regularly (something all of us should do), I will strive to offer some of my more interesting “field notes” for your consideration.

DISCLAIMER:  I am a husband, father, educator and a retired (as of summer 2014) career active Army officer.  My professional life and experience is focused on the military and national security issues but I am not a spokesman for the Department of Defense or the Army.  All posts reflect my own personal thoughts and opinions or those of my guests.  I hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to any worthy comments.  Thanks!

Bob Hume,  Colonel (Retired), US Army



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  1. Jillian Mayles says:

    Hi Colonel Bob,
    I have enjoyed looking through your blog and I think it’s a great idea. We are new neighbors of your dad and mom and your dad gave me this site because he knew we were ‘internet savvy’. They are great people and we love having them as our neighbors. We moved into the house that the Stanley’s lived in and we have twin boys who just turned one.
    My husband and I wish you the best while you are away and I will think of you and your family and keep you in my prayers. Thank you so much for everything you do!

    Jillian Mayles

  2. Richard, Toni & Haley Hume says:


    Keep up the good work! And, give our best wishes to all of your entire team. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving- our thanks goes out to every soldier this holiday season.

    Our Love,
    Richard, Toni & Haley

  3. Alice Cavin says:

    Your mother sent your site address in her christmas card last week. I’m so glad she did. Thank you for your service to all of us. Would love to connect up with you and your family after you arrive back in the states. We have many years to catch up on. Ran across a picture of you and Sam as young boys in Batman and Robin costumes. You probably don’t remember wearing such a get up but it was pretty darn funny. Have a blessed Christmas. I hold you and all our men of service warmly in my hear this season and always. God’s peace to you. Alice (your cousin in Roanoke, VA)

  4. Sam Evans says:

    Hi Robert,
    I just found out about your blog from your mom and dad. I have really enjoyed reading through it. I just want you to know how much I appreciate all you and your troops are doing to preserve all our freedoms. Our family wishes you the best while you are away and will keep you in our prayers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Sam & Belinda Evans

  5. Richard, Toni & Haley Hume says:

    Happy New Year to you, your team, and all the superb soldiers serving while away from home! You are doing an awesome job, Robert, and we all miss you very much. God bless you!

    Our Love,
    R, T & H

  6. Mom & Dad says:

    Dearest Robert,
    We have been trying to get Richard to print off your blog, but a broken printer has delayed any updates. We hope you enjoy your $$ PJ’s and the snacks! Send Robby out to get us wired-in (TV, cable, computer, etc.) and we’ll pay him two-bits an hour for his work. We miss you and look forward to having the family out when you return home. Give our regards to LTG Caldwell. We have fond memories of his dad. We are so very proud of you and all the service members serving around the world! Keep up the good work!
    We love you!
    Mom & Dad

  7. John Hume says:

    Hello Robert,

    This is your cousin John letting you know how proud we are of you and how much we appreciate your efforts and service. We are going through a tough time right now with my father in law, Orville Mikel Thompson, who is here at our home with hospice care. He is 90 years old and after a very healthy life cancer has overcome him.
    He is a veteran of WWII from June 1942 to October 1945 and served in the European operation as a combat engineer. He was part of the battle of the bulge and was at Normandy on D-Day + 1. He received 5 bronze/silver star medals and others I am not sure of. His burial will include a military service and bagpipes. I only say this because I am proud of him and thought I would share a bit of his story with you.
    Please take care of yourself and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Great blog too…

    All the best my friend and get home soon.

  8. Paul LaValley says:

    Hey man,
    You are looking great!
    Not sure if you have returned yet. I am so proud of the work that you and your team have done and will continue to do. Thank you for your many years of service to our country. Thanks also to your family for releasing to old man to serve.
    Hope we can catch up sometime.

    Paul LaValley

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